On March 12, the World Wide Web turns 25.

It’s come a long way since then. In 1995, just 14% of U.S. adults used the internet. 42% had never even heard of the internet, and an additional 21% were vague on the concept—”it has something to do with computers, right?”

Now: 87% of adults use the internet. 81% have a computer, 90% have a cell phone, and 46% say it would be very hard to give up the internet.

We’ve got a new report out today that looks at 15+ years of data showing the rapid growth/overall impact of the internet, in honor of the upcoming 25th anniversary of the web.

Could you imagine your life without the internet? What do you think it’d be like?



How Twitter Could Crash the Stock Market | Fw:Thinking

Well, briefly. But up to 80% of stock activity in the U.S. these days relies heavily on algorithms, some of which base decisions (in part) on social media.

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Are you ready for space travel?

Tourism has brought the final frontier a lot closer to your average billionaire, but what about us the rest of us? Several companies and governments are working to bring space tourism to the common citizen.

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